Mattresses for abdominal sleepers

With the wrong mattress, the abdominal drowsiness has the same problems as the dorsal dreamer: tension and pain from the neck to the sacrum. This is the abdominal sleep a pure escape position because you cannot cope in the normal back or side position. And why is this the case? Too hard a mattress is often the cause that just exerts too much pressure.

Generally, there are no special mattresses for abdominal sleepers, but those who prefer this lying position, of course, can also find the optimal sleeping pad for him with good advice.

With a too hard mattress, the spine is pushed into an unnatural shape, especially the lower back and the lumbar vertebrae are affected.

Believe it on belly sleepers

The mattress should relieve the spine. This does not only apply to the backbone itself, but also to the back muscles. If the mattress is too firm, no muscle can relax.

The mattress may not be too hard for a second reason, otherwise, the body will not sink in properly, creating a kink in the spine.

In order not to overstretch the lumbar area, a mattress is needed that is not too soft on the other hand: the lower back must be supported, the pelvis stabilized and the spine relaxed.

Mattresses with reinforced pelvic zone

Point elasticity is as well as the side sleeper the magic word. The mattress should not sag the back and sink only at pressure points. Particularly important for abdominal sleepers is a reinforced pelvic zone, which prevents the body center from sinking too far.

For latex sleepers natural latex mattresses (for example, for allergy sufferers) are just as good as cold foam or pocket spring mattresses. But you should make sure that the top foam layer is not higher than 3 cm. Otherwise the body sinks – and the comfort with it.

Mattress for back sleepers

In order to avoid a painful awakening in the morning, it is important to relieve the back while sleeping. A mattress is straight at first glance, our spine has a double S-shape. So that does not quite fit together, because a mattress too hard presses the back into the hollow cross, one too soft lets it sag. We have the best solution for bad mattress lower back pain.

Latex mattresses vs pocket spring mattresses

1. Latex mattresses


A latex mattress has a latex core made of natural rubber and/or a synthetic rubber compound. Rubber has excellent resilience and elasticity, which ensures that a latex mattress adapts quite well to the body shape and provides sufficient support.

However, rubber does not naturally absorb moisture, and it depends on the structure of the mattress how good the ventilation is. More expensive latex mattresses have an open cell structure that provides more comfort, better ventilation and better regulation of heat and moisture.

Latex mattresses vary from very soft to very hard, depending on the structure. Latex naturally has an antibacterial and mildew repellent effect. As a result, the mattresses are hygienic and excellent for use, for example, in caravans and mobile homes, where sometimes a high humidity is present.


  • Good conformity
  • By nature very elastic
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Antibacterial and mildew repellent

Lifespan: On average 7 – 10 years

2. Pocket spring mattresses


Pocket spring mattresses have metal spring springs covered with textile, each of which has its own compartment. The springs can be provided with different resistance and density by the manufacturer, which can determine the degree of conformity and support for each section. One speaks here also of comfort zones. Pocket spring mattresses have three, five or seven comfort zones and are manufactured in different degrees of hardness.

The quality and longevity of a pocket spring mattress depend largely on the number of springs per m2. This can vary from 150 to 500 springs per m2.

The pocket springs are enclosed by one or more foam layers. Often there is a thicker layer of foam, especially on the top. As a result, the mattress can only be used on one side.There are lots of tools to see ifshould you buy a mattress online.

In addition, the mattress is surrounded by a foam frame that keeps the springs in place and the mattress in shape, quickly resulting in a loss of 10 to 15 cm of sleeping area per side.


  • Good ventilation
  • Good heat and moisture regulation
  • Solid mattresses with long life

Lifespan: Long 8 – 15 years

Sleeping comfort of a new dimension: This is what the box spring bed construction looks like:

Box spring beds are characterized by a special construction, which is common especially in Scandinavia and the USA. The construction of a box spring bed, which makes this type of bed so comfortable, consists of these components:

A box spring bed consists of the following components:

  • box
  • mattress
  • Topper
  • headboard

Depending on which variant is assigned to the particular model you are interested in, the mattress and topper can be available either individually (American 2-layer system) or in an integrated form (Scandinavian 3-layer system). Otherwise, the boxspring construction is identical.

The box spring (sub-box):

The term “box spring” includes two words that characterize the box spring bed construction: The “box” – the box made of solid wood – replaces the well-tried slatted frame as a spring base. This box consists of a sturdy wooden frame, in which springs are located, and stored on feet.

The mattress:

In the box spring bed design, the heart of your sleeping pad, namely the spring mattress, lies on the spring-loaded box. For high-quality beds, these are equipped with pocket spring cores and a high number of springs.

When choosing the mattress, make sure that it is tailored to both the box spring and your own needs. These include the type of mattress (cold or visco foam, latex, spring core) and the degrees of hardness that you should definitely choose individually.

The topper:

The third and highest element in a box spring bed construction is the mattress topper. In combination with a box spring bed, this topper is called. This can consist of different materials (foam types) and is usually, depending on the manufacturer, between 5 and 10 cm thick, the 10 cm thick are advisable. The topper is not a must. Depending on the nature and structure of the actual mattress this can also be omitted. Buy best king size tempurpedic mattress now.

Again, the following applies: foam type and degrees of hardness must be adapted to your needs.

The headboard:

Particularly characteristic of the construction of a box spring bed is the headboard. Here is the imagination in terms of size, shape, and design no limits. Comfortably sitting in bed in the evening and reading a book becomes a pleasure without the back having to suffer.

Find the right mattress 140×200 cm

A mattress 140×200 cm is suitable either as a narrow variant for two people or as a generous sleeping pad for one person. Especially single sleepers can enjoy the comfort of a wide mattress. In order to ensure this in the long term, it is necessary to precisely match one’s own sleeping habits and requirements with the characteristics of the different types of mattresses.

Mattresses 140×200 cm: top quality from a specialist company

It was anticipated that all the mattresses we manufacture and offer were made. They are high quality processed and free of pollutants, which is why allergy sufferers must have no concerns. In addition to the 2-year general full warranty, mattresses from our assortment are also warranted to have the physical properties of the foam core, which covers most mattresses for up to 10 years.

Our mattresses 140×200 cm made of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses are made of foam, which is characterized by good point elasticity. Thanks to its open-pored structure, the foamed polyurethane is very breathable and retains heat well compared to spring mattresses – good news for those who are feeling cold. Those who restlessly sleep is also well advised with a cold foam mattress: It adapts quickly to new sleeping positions and always ensures the best comfort.

Viscoelastic mattresses 140×200 cm

Visco-foam mattresses are just the thing for body-sensitive people: they have pronounced adaptability to the body and optimum point elasticity. Anyone who has back problems or circulatory problems will, therefore, be able to sleep particularly well on a viscoelastic mattress. Restless and strongly sweating sleepers are in turn better advised with other types of mattresses, since otherwise the heat accumulates or adaptation to new reclining positions does not take place as quickly as with the cold foam mattress. Buy most comfortable bed in the world now.

Special mattresses 140×200 cm made of latex

Latex mattresses are a real treat, especially for allergy sufferers: the high-quality cover is removable and washable; the latex surface can be wiped off – mites, therefore, have little chance of spoiling sleep. Other advantages of a latex mattress are the good point elasticity, which causes a balanced relief of joints and back.

A Comprehensive guide to the Mattresses for Heavy People

To work thoroughly throughout the day, a person must have proper and restful sleep. However, you can have a comfortable sleep only if you are using the right mattress for your bed. There is a wide range of mattresses which can be utilized by persons depending on their age, weight, shape and sleeping posture preference. Mattresses needed for heavy people are generally different from those required by lighter people. So, we provide a guide for the mattress for heavy people.

Different weights are considered to be heavy for an individual based on his/ her body type. Hence, weight plays an important role in deciding the type of mattress to buy. You must always use such mattresses which would provide you with a relaxing and restful sleep without making you suffer from sore neck or back injury. There are special mattresses for heavy people who are made of certain materials that make them the most comfortable mattresses for heavy people. Following is given a list of the mattresses that are best for the heavy people:

•    Amerisleep’s AS2

•    Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series

•    Casper’s The Wave

•    WinkBeds

•    Saatva

These are some of the mattresses which are excessively thick and formed of high-grade foam along with additional cooling layers and wrapped coils. As a heavy person, you must always look for mattresses that are thicker than 10 inches, preferably 12 inches. Mattresses having multiple layers provide more support to your body. Hence, these multi-layered mattresses will facilitate a deep and restful sleep to heavier people.

However, after utilization of mattresses for years, it may start to slump. As a mattress begins to sag it will not provide proper comfort to your body. Those mattresses which do not sag are the best mattresses for heavy people. It is recommended for a heavy person to buy a medium firm or very firm mattress, as because this type of mattresses usually counterbalance the effect produced due to sagging. However, while buying a new mattress, you should adhere to those which prevent sagging.

Pros and cons of different types of foams

We all know that there are different types of fillings available for the mattresses in the market. These fillings are divided into two categories i.e. organic and machine based. But all of the people don’t know everything about all of them. To know thedifference between gel memory foam and memory foam it is very important to try all of them first and then buy. Today we will discuss the advantage and the disadvantages of different types of foams or we can say fillings in the market.

Advantages/pros of different mattress foams

First of all, we will talk about the advantages of different foams. First in our list is memory foam filling. This is a form which is scientifically created to pamper the sleeper. It is durable, non-organic, cheaper, as well as durable. Second is cotton foam filling. This is super organic foam, which grows on the plants. Then it is put together to shape it as the mattress. This foam is very healthy for the sleepers of every age, works as the coolant in the summers and warmer in the winters. Third, our list is latex which is created with the help of polyester and synthetic material. This type of form is much fluffy as well as cheap. Last but not the list hybrid foam. Hybrid foam is made from the combination of various types of foams. This is specially made for the people who are allergic to some foams but also need proper comfort.

Disadvantages/cons of different mattress foams

After knowing the advantages lets move to the disadvantage of the different types of foams. Nobody is perfect in this world so as these foams also not perfect. The memory foam sometimes fails to provide comfort to the hot sleepers. The disadvantage of the cotton filling is the cost, being organic they are very much costlier. Latex mattresses are not recommended for kids and babies due to its warmness they can cause heart diseases to kids as well. And the only disadvantage of the hybrid filling is sometimes that infusion goes wrong and a very uncomfortable product came into existence which is not good for everyone.

Soft surfaces: Have a look at its benefit for side sleepers!

Generally, people who are in a habit of sleeping on either of their sides require a doughy surface underneath the body. It is the fact since the hips, shoulders, and arms come in a direct hit with the mattress surface which creates heavy pressure. Such pressure can be painful if kept for a long time. So, it is highly recommended to put a doughy surface which covers the pressure and removes any pain while sleeping. It is a great way for people to enjoy a calm environment.

Does the body weight have any role in picking a firm surface?

In the real scenario, people’s habit of side sleeping posture gives much preference to less firm surface. It also depends upon the body weight so as to what level of firmness fits best in the situation! Are you an overweight side sleeper? In such a case, you would sink in while sleeping on a 100% comfortable foam. This is not a perfect situation for enjoying a restful night.

On the other side, if you’re a lightweight side sleeper lying on a completely hard or firm surface, then this could be painful for your hips or arms. In such a situation, there is a proper guideline present to deal with it properly. The people weighing under 90 kg should prefer a squashy or medium-doughy firmer surface. Similarly, people weighing above 90 kg should pick up a firm or medium-firm model.

What about the high density of elasticity?

With a soft mattress, the elasticity level should remain high. It is required to fill up the space present between shoulders and head while sleeping either on the left or on the right side. With the memory foam mattress, this feature is highly supported. With the density level, one gets to determine the mattress quality. If you’re prefer to invest in a standard mattress, then make sure about the higher density level.

In the past time, memory foam models were produced without considering any health benefit. The present time had rendered major changes in the production of memory foam to act as a suitable mattress for side sleepers.