Find the right mattress 140×200 cm

A mattress 140×200 cm is suitable either as a narrow variant for two people or as a generous sleeping pad for one person. Especially single sleepers can enjoy the comfort of a wide mattress. In order to ensure this in the long term, it is necessary to precisely match one’s own sleeping habits and requirements with the characteristics of the different types of mattresses.

Mattresses 140×200 cm: top quality from a specialist company

It was anticipated that all the mattresses we manufacture and offer were made. They are high quality processed and free of pollutants, which is why allergy sufferers must have no concerns. In addition to the 2-year general full warranty, mattresses from our assortment are also warranted to have the physical properties of the foam core, which covers most mattresses for up to 10 years.

Our mattresses 140×200 cm made of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses are made of foam, which is characterized by good point elasticity. Thanks to its open-pored structure, the foamed polyurethane is very breathable and retains heat well compared to spring mattresses – good news for those who are feeling cold. Those who restlessly sleep is also well advised with a cold foam mattress: It adapts quickly to new sleeping positions and always ensures the best comfort.

Viscoelastic mattresses 140×200 cm

Visco-foam mattresses are just the thing for body-sensitive people: they have pronounced adaptability to the body and optimum point elasticity. Anyone who has back problems or circulatory problems will, therefore, be able to sleep particularly well on a viscoelastic mattress. Restless and strongly sweating sleepers are in turn better advised with other types of mattresses, since otherwise the heat accumulates or adaptation to new reclining positions does not take place as quickly as with the cold foam mattress. Buy most comfortable bed in the world now.

Special mattresses 140×200 cm made of latex

Latex mattresses are a real treat, especially for allergy sufferers: the high-quality cover is removable and washable; the latex surface can be wiped off – mites, therefore, have little chance of spoiling sleep. Other advantages of a latex mattress are the good point elasticity, which causes a balanced relief of joints and back.