Latex mattresses vs pocket spring mattresses

1. Latex mattresses


A latex mattress has a latex core made of natural rubber and/or a synthetic rubber compound. Rubber has excellent resilience and elasticity, which ensures that a latex mattress adapts quite well to the body shape and provides sufficient support.

However, rubber does not naturally absorb moisture, and it depends on the structure of the mattress how good the ventilation is. More expensive latex mattresses have an open cell structure that provides more comfort, better ventilation and better regulation of heat and moisture.

Latex mattresses vary from very soft to very hard, depending on the structure. Latex naturally has an antibacterial and mildew repellent effect. As a result, the mattresses are hygienic and excellent for use, for example, in caravans and mobile homes, where sometimes a high humidity is present.


  • Good conformity
  • By nature very elastic
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Antibacterial and mildew repellent

Lifespan: On average 7 – 10 years

2. Pocket spring mattresses


Pocket spring mattresses have metal spring springs covered with textile, each of which has its own compartment. The springs can be provided with different resistance and density by the manufacturer, which can determine the degree of conformity and support for each section. One speaks here also of comfort zones. Pocket spring mattresses have three, five or seven comfort zones and are manufactured in different degrees of hardness.

The quality and longevity of a pocket spring mattress depend largely on the number of springs per m2. This can vary from 150 to 500 springs per m2.

The pocket springs are enclosed by one or more foam layers. Often there is a thicker layer of foam, especially on the top. As a result, the mattress can only be used on one side.There are lots of tools to see ifshould you buy a mattress online.

In addition, the mattress is surrounded by a foam frame that keeps the springs in place and the mattress in shape, quickly resulting in a loss of 10 to 15 cm of sleeping area per side.


  • Good ventilation
  • Good heat and moisture regulation
  • Solid mattresses with long life

Lifespan: Long 8 – 15 years