Mattresses for abdominal sleepers

With the wrong mattress, the abdominal drowsiness has the same problems as the dorsal dreamer: tension and pain from the neck to the sacrum. This is the abdominal sleep a pure escape position because you cannot cope in the normal back or side position. And why is this the case? Too hard a mattress is often the cause that just exerts too much pressure.

Generally, there are no special mattresses for abdominal sleepers, but those who prefer this lying position, of course, can also find the optimal sleeping pad for him with good advice.

With a too hard mattress, the spine is pushed into an unnatural shape, especially the lower back and the lumbar vertebrae are affected.

Believe it on belly sleepers

The mattress should relieve the spine. This does not only apply to the backbone itself, but also to the back muscles. If the mattress is too firm, no muscle can relax.

The mattress may not be too hard for a second reason, otherwise, the body will not sink in properly, creating a kink in the spine.

In order not to overstretch the lumbar area, a mattress is needed that is not too soft on the other hand: the lower back must be supported, the pelvis stabilized and the spine relaxed.

Mattresses with reinforced pelvic zone

Point elasticity is as well as the side sleeper the magic word. The mattress should not sag the back and sink only at pressure points. Particularly important for abdominal sleepers is a reinforced pelvic zone, which prevents the body center from sinking too far.

For latex sleepers natural latex mattresses (for example, for allergy sufferers) are just as good as cold foam or pocket spring mattresses. But you should make sure that the top foam layer is not higher than 3 cm. Otherwise the body sinks – and the comfort with it.

Mattress for back sleepers

In order to avoid a painful awakening in the morning, it is important to relieve the back while sleeping. A mattress is straight at first glance, our spine has a double S-shape. So that does not quite fit together, because a mattress too hard presses the back into the hollow cross, one too soft lets it sag. We have the best solution for bad mattress lower back pain.