Sleeping comfort of a new dimension: This is what the box spring bed construction looks like:

Box spring beds are characterized by a special construction, which is common especially in Scandinavia and the USA. The construction of a box spring bed, which makes this type of bed so comfortable, consists of these components:

A box spring bed consists of the following components:

  • box
  • mattress
  • Topper
  • headboard

Depending on which variant is assigned to the particular model you are interested in, the mattress and topper can be available either individually (American 2-layer system) or in an integrated form (Scandinavian 3-layer system). Otherwise, the boxspring construction is identical.

The box spring (sub-box):

The term “box spring” includes two words that characterize the box spring bed construction: The “box” – the box made of solid wood – replaces the well-tried slatted frame as a spring base. This box consists of a sturdy wooden frame, in which springs are located, and stored on feet.

The mattress:

In the box spring bed design, the heart of your sleeping pad, namely the spring mattress, lies on the spring-loaded box. For high-quality beds, these are equipped with pocket spring cores and a high number of springs.

When choosing the mattress, make sure that it is tailored to both the box spring and your own needs. These include the type of mattress (cold or visco foam, latex, spring core) and the degrees of hardness that you should definitely choose individually.

The topper:

The third and highest element in a box spring bed construction is the mattress topper. In combination with a box spring bed, this topper is called. This can consist of different materials (foam types) and is usually, depending on the manufacturer, between 5 and 10 cm thick, the 10 cm thick are advisable. The topper is not a must. Depending on the nature and structure of the actual mattress this can also be omitted. Buy best king size tempurpedic mattress now.

Again, the following applies: foam type and degrees of hardness must be adapted to your needs.

The headboard:

Particularly characteristic of the construction of a box spring bed is the headboard. Here is the imagination in terms of size, shape, and design no limits. Comfortably sitting in bed in the evening and reading a book becomes a pleasure without the back having to suffer.