Soft surfaces: Have a look at its benefit for side sleepers!

Generally, people who are in a habit of sleeping on either of their sides require a doughy surface underneath the body. It is the fact since the hips, shoulders, and arms come in a direct hit with the mattress surface which creates heavy pressure. Such pressure can be painful if kept for a long time. So, it is highly recommended to put a doughy surface which covers the pressure and removes any pain while sleeping. It is a great way for people to enjoy a calm environment.

Does the body weight have any role in picking a firm surface?

In the real scenario, people’s habit of side sleeping posture gives much preference to less firm surface. It also depends upon the body weight so as to what level of firmness fits best in the situation! Are you an overweight side sleeper? In such a case, you would sink in while sleeping on a 100% comfortable foam. This is not a perfect situation for enjoying a restful night.

On the other side, if you’re a lightweight side sleeper lying on a completely hard or firm surface, then this could be painful for your hips or arms. In such a situation, there is a proper guideline present to deal with it properly. The people weighing under 90 kg should prefer a squashy or medium-doughy firmer surface. Similarly, people weighing above 90 kg should pick up a firm or medium-firm model.

What about the high density of elasticity?

With a soft mattress, the elasticity level should remain high. It is required to fill up the space present between shoulders and head while sleeping either on the left or on the right side. With the memory foam mattress, this feature is highly supported. With the density level, one gets to determine the mattress quality. If you’re prefer to invest in a standard mattress, then make sure about the higher density level.

In the past time, memory foam models were produced without considering any health benefit. The present time had rendered major changes in the production of memory foam to act as a suitable mattress for side sleepers.